12 Popular Dating Terms This Year Millennials Need To Know

Planning a date in 2022? Well, it can be demanding! Not only do you need to find a good place, create a perfect ambience, order the perfect food and wine, and carry the perfect gift; but you will also need to learn the perfect dating language. And, like all other aspects of online life, this one too has its own set of vocabulary and rules.

What are ‘Haunting’ and ‘Zombie-ing’? Did you ever feel like someone is ‘breadcrumbing’ or ‘soft launching’ you? Also, have you experienced ‘kittenfishing’ while dating online? Well, dating and finding love can be tricky and therefore, we have got you covered. If you do not have any idea what we are talking about, do not fret, we will help you make sense of these terms.

1. Soft Launching

When you are in a relationship and you softly announce it to the world by slightly or vaguely revealing that you are in love. It can be a sneaky picture, a side profile of your partner, changing status on social media(from ‘Single’ to ‘in a relationship’, or a destination which shows a pic of you both holding hands. This means you do not fully reveal or expose your partner, but still speak volumes about your relationship.

2. Cuffing

This is not at all related to sex, and it only means that you are tied down or being handcuffed to one partner. It is also known as ‘cuffing season’. It also refers to someone who is interested in a committed relationship during the colder months of the year only, and therefore, it is not a lifetime commitment.

3. Freckling

A freckler is someone who will dive into your life, when the time and weather is favourable for them and then vanishes whenever things get difficult. So, it is nothing but basically a ‘fling’ (maybe a summer fling) and is called ‘freckling’.

4. Zombie-ing

It is like rising from the dead, and definitely not in a good way. Well, this is actually worse than ghosting and there is no mystery behind the term. It is when someone ghosts you and comes back after a long time pretending nothing has ever happened. All of a sudden they can send a random text or do a random phone call. Avoid a lifetime of trauma by ignoring them!

5. Wokefishing

We bet that you have come across someone while dating who boasts too much about themselves, look more progressive than they actually are. And all this to make you interested in them. Well, this is called Wokefishing. They can be deceitful and therefore, you need to keep them at bay even if you just plan to date them.

6. Breadcrumbing

We remember Hansel and Gretel whenever we hear about breadcrumbs. Well, breadcrumbing means when you lead someone through chats and messages. It is not compulsory that the person is looking for a relationship, but wants to flirt with someone. If you follow the breadcrumbs, either it can be really magical or it can turn out to be really scary.

7. The Hey-ter

This is not ‘Hating’ someone but ‘Hey-ting’ someone. This is when you ignore any conversation that starts with a simple ‘Hey’. Since you are someone who is fond of a charming person and witty text, therefore, ‘hey’ is not a conversation starter but a destroyer.

8. Coronesty

Did it take one pandemic to make online daters more honest? Well yes! During covid-19, due to lockdown and restrictions, dating in person was impossible and therefore, small talk looked too time-consuming. So, people became more straightforward and ask for a date if their interests match.

9. Groundhogging

When you date the same type of person quite a number of times and yet expect the outcome to be different, then it is known as ‘groundhogging’. One useful tip is to look for someone different if something has not worked in the past repeatedly when it comes to dating. Who knows, you can meet someone amazing once you make changes in your dating preferences.

10. Kittenfishing

This is nothing but the smaller version of catfishing. When you try to appear more desirable than you actually are on dating apps, and also text or open your mouth just to tell white lies, it is called Kittenfishing. It can be lying about your age, qualification or even your family background. Therefore, save yourself from someone who is a habitual liar.

11. Whelming

Another useless trend on dating apps, which means how overwhelmed someone is because they have matched with so many people. It is similar to bragging people about having too many dates. Publicity becomes unnecessary here and it may come across as a negative trait when you are planning to actually date someone and complaining about ‘how everyone wants you and you have so many to choose from’.

12. Haunting

This is a very subtle form of stalking, well to put it correctly, it is like ‘social media stalking’. It may not appear very serious but it means that you are violating the boundaries even when there is no scope of relationship to work out or the other partner has moved on. You can block them for once and all instead of looking at their posts, stories, pics, status and also comments.

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