How to run e-SIM on phone without e-SIM support

Even if your phone does not support e-SIM , you already know what e-SIM is . An e-SIM is a dynamic SIM card built into the phone that works across multiple operator networks. E-SIM has changed the way of changing the plastic card during the change of SIM carrier. In the case of e-SIM, it is as simple as installing the app to switch operators.

E-SIM is basically plan dependent. In other words, in case of ordinary SIM, different packages can be enjoyed from one operator, and in case of e-SIM, network and plan can be changed without changing SIM. In this case you can get a new mobile connection by scanning a QR code. But most of the phones currently on the market do not have e-SIM support. As a result, many people are not able to enjoy the benefits of ISIM.

The good news is that even though your Android phone does not support e-SIM, a company has developed a SIM that will offer the benefits of e-SIM through a simple SIM. Surprising to hear, but this is the surprise. Let’s find out about e-SIM that can be run on mobile even without support.

How it works

An organization called has developed an isim-based hardware SIM card that will allow you to use the benefits of e-SIM even on mobiles that do not support e-SIM. However, like the built-in e-SIM, this SIM will not get so many benefits. But you can use virtual SIM through it.

Like any SIM,’s SIMs have a functional small computer. Here is the difference between e-SIM and basic SIM card. This e-SIM hardware stores all the programs required to manage an e-SIM. E-SIM basically provides all the benefits of SIM through software. has converted ordinary SIMs into e-SIMs through some APIs in the Android operating system. Although it cannot be managed directly by Google Android’s SIM Manager, this e-SIM can be easily managed by the company’s app.

Although this feature cannot be used on iPhone, e-SIM facility can be enjoyed by using this SIM in almost all Android phones. This means that at present this facility can be enjoyed only on Android phones. Although it can be used in dual-SIM configuration, the feature will depend on the limitations of the device. works on any modern Android device and can be used on any Android version upgraded to Android 9 Pi or higher. E-SIM is quite easy to use. If your carrier supports e-SIM, then you can easily enjoy the benefits of e-SIM with the help of this SIM.

e-Sim Price

Not everyone needs an e-SIM, most users will not need to buy this SIM from unless they need it too much. However, the price issue is quite complicated in the case of this SIM.

The number of SIMs you want to use with on your device depends on which plan’s e-SIM you buy. The lowest priced can be purchased for ২৫ 25, which will support two carriers. To transfer the license to the new phone, you have to pay 10 dollars. On the other hand, there are 15 profile supported plans worth 60. This means that using this solution will cost a lot more than the built-in e-SIM.

What do you think of this hardware based e-SIM converter? Are you willing to run it? Let me know in the comments!

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