Record Reserve is this year’s Victory Day gift

Reserves in the country currently stand at 42.09 billion US dollars. Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal called it a unique record for the economy of Bangladesh. He said, this is a great victory day gift to the countrymen. For this, he sincerely thanked the expatriate workers. He said the inflow of remittances played a significant role in the significant increase in reserves.

The finance minister said that expatriates have sent regular remittances even in the unfavorable environment of Corona. Remittances from expatriates have strengthened foreign exchange reserves during tough times. Remittances from expatriates are making a big contribution in keeping the wheels of the economy moving.

This was stated in a press release of the Ministry of Finance on Tuesday. Also Read : Lat’s Talk About Bangladesh Car Insurance

The press release also said that despite the outbreak of coronavirus around the world, expatriates have sent remittances worth 1.034 billion US dollars on the 14th day of December alone. It was 869 million US dollars at the same time last fiscal year. Total remittances of 10.90 billion dollars came in the five months of July-November. During the period from July 1 to December 15 of the fiscal year 2020-21, a total of about 12 billion dollars of remittances have arrived in the country. The government’s timely two per cent cash incentive has important implications for continuing this upward trend in expatriate income. Besides, the highest foreign exchange reserve in the history of Bangladesh has increased to 42.09 billion US dollars.

In the last one year, the reserves have increased by more than one thousand billion dollars. Reserves on December 15 last year were 32.11 billion dollars. It crossed $41 billion for the first time on October 29. And in just one and a half months it has reached a record of 42.09 billion US dollars. Also Read : US Property & Casualty Insurance Companies

In this regard, the finance minister also said that the foreign exchange reserve of 42.09 billion US dollars in the history of Bangladesh is very good news for us. This is a rare event in the history of the country. On the eve of Victory Day, this event is certainly a gift to the nation.

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