Who is Bianca Censori? Getting to Know Kanye West’s ‘New Wife’

From her first interaction with celebrity rapper, Kanye West, to becoming the focus of media attention, Bianca Censori’s life has been quite the whirlwind. Who is Bianca Censori and what is her relationship with Kanye West? Bianca Censori is a fashion designer, model and former assistant of Kanye West. She is believed to be the new wife of the famous rapper, although neither party has confirmed the news. Despite being a relatively new face in the public eye, Censori has already made a big impression with her unique fashion sense and stunning beauty. Her story is an inspiration for many, especially women who are looking to make a name for themselves in the fashion and entertainment industry. Read on to find out more about Bianca Censori, the woman that Kanye West has chosen to marry.

Who is Bianca Censori?

Bianca Censori was born Bianca Breton on June 5, 1991 in the city of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Growing up, she attended the Montreal School of Fashion. Her parents, who immigrated to Canada from Italy when they were young, had a big influence on her career choice. Censori’s mother is a seamstress and her father is a tailor. Censori also has a sister, Daniela, who also works in fashion. Bianca Censori’s net worth is estimated to be $500,000. Bianca Censori is a fashion designer, model and former assistant of Kanye West. Her career in fashion began at a young age. She attended the Montreal School of Fashion, where she studied design and marketing. After graduating, Censori worked as an intern at a modeling agency, while looking for work as a fashion designer. She was eventually offered a position as an assistant at Yeezy, Kanye West’s clothing line. While working for West, Censori became a muse of sorts for the rapper. She was featured in many of the label’s campaigns and is often spotted by West’s side at red carpet events. From there, Censori began modeling for various brands, including Balmain and Louis Vuitton.

Her Relationship with Kanye West

While their relationship is not a secret, it is unclear what type of relationship Bianca Censori and Kanye West have. Although West’s wife of 10 years, Kim Kardashian, is expecting a child with the rapper, he is still yet to mention getting married to Censori. There is no confirmation whether or not the two are in a relationship together. However, Censori has been spotted with West at many high-profile events, including award shows and fashion shows. Many have speculated that the two are dating, while others think they are just good friends. While their relationship remains unclear, Censori has been seen living in West’s home, further fueling rumors that they are in a serious relationship.

“Kim hates her,” said an insider.

Sources say that it was well known around the Yeezy HQ that the boss’ wife didn’t like her, and suspected that his architectural designer wanted to do more than handle his erections.

Also, adds an insider, “She’s pretty. And Kim hates pretty girls.”

Censori, who has a masters in architecture, has worked at the company — where West oversees various fashion and design projects — for several years, we’re told.

Her Career in Fashion and Modeling

As a former assistant of Kanye West, Censori learned the ins and outs of the fashion industry. This experience, coupled with her education in fashion, has helped her make a name for herself in the industry. Bianca Censori’s modeling career began after a photo of her in one of West’s Yeezy campaigns went viral. Since then, she has appeared in many high-profile campaigns and walked the runway at various fashion shows. Censori’s first notable show was for the Balmain Pre-Fall 2020 collection. Censori has also been featured in a Louis Vuitton campaign. Censori has also put her creative talent to work. She has designed pieces for Balmain, Gosha Rubchinskiy and more. However, Censori is most recognized for her unique fashion sense and has been called a muse by many. Her unique style is inspired by her Italian heritage and her love for animals. Censori’s love for animals is evident in her fashion sense. She often incorporates animal prints into her designs. Censori has also partnered with PETA, the world’s largest animal rights organization. She regularly posts pictures of herself with animals to raise awareness regarding animal rights.

Her Unique Fashion Sense

Bianca Censori’s unique fashion sense is a result of her upbringing and education. As a child, Censori loved to draw, paint and concentrate on art. This love for art has helped her make a name for herself in fashion. Censori’s love for animals has also influenced her fashion sense. She often incorporates animal prints into her designs. Censori wears many different styles, but her favorite is bold, colorful pieces. Censori has her own fashion line, which features bold and vibrant pieces. She often wears pieces from her own brand, including pink fur coats, leopard-print crop tops and animal-print dresses. Censori’s style is unlike any other in the fashion industry, making her a true icon in fashion.

Inspirational Story

Bianca Censori’s story is a perfect example of breaking barriers and achieving success against all odds. A person of color and a woman in a male-dominated industry, Censori has proven that hard work and determination can go a long way. Her experience with racism during her time in school pushed her to excel in her studies, while also helping her prepare for a career in fashion. Censori’s experience with racism has also helped her understand and empathize with other minorities in the industry. This experience has made her an inspiration for many people in the fashion industry, as well as for people who face racism every day. Censori is proof that anyone can make a name for themselves in the fashion industry and beyond, regardless of their skin color or gender.


Bianca Censori is a rising star in the fashion industry. Her unique style and impressive resume have helped her make a name for herself in the industry. Censori is also a former assistant of Kanye West. She has accompanied West to many events and has also been featured in Yeezy campaigns. Recently, there have been rumors that Censori and West are in a relationship together. However, there has been no confirmation regarding the two’s relationship. Regardless, Censori is a rising star who is sure to make a name for herself in the fashion industry.

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